Gossip Girl.

Turner International is a Time Warner Division. In Latino America the company distributes: CNN en Español, CNN International, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, TNT, I.Sat, Space, Infinito, Glitz* y MuchMusic, among others. Glitz* released the 5th season of Gossip Girl with en exclusive event in the Ultra Hotel for press. Our job consisted in creating a good Press Kit. We designed a box that contained: a lookbook the character´s styles, postcards with backstage photos, a NY map with the most iconic places of the serie, a book with a synopses of the episodes and two CDs with the first and second episode. In addition we had to think about a gift (most journalist were women) and solved to produce head applies imitating Blair´s style.

Gossip Girl Event –– July 2012, Buenos Aires.

Good design
made by good people.

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