Magama Fashion Jewlery.

Magama is a fashion jewelry that sells artisanal and authentic pieces with small macramé details. Originally from Venezuela, Magama creators decided to open Magama store in Miami last year. Inspired by Latin American culture and traditions, Mondrian, Cruz Diez, and Soto, they like to call themselves contemporary artists. Bunker3022 designed their branding system seeking for an elegant –yet lush– image. Looking for a logo version suitable for metal stamping and basing in the main core of their products, we created a powerful isologo and a special macrame pattern to be used in some of their jewels and as a main icon of their identity. With a modern look, lines, shapes and gold Magama tries to express a chic, but casual high-end sexy look. 

Magama –– September, 2016.
Good design made by good people.

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