Cocina colectiva
13.07.2017 — Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Scope

The Client

Salú, 13.07.2017
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Salú is an authentic argentine kitchen where you can learn to cook argentina´s typical food while you are tasting one of Argentina´s best wines, with your friends or by your own, but always in a collaborative way.

Inclusive, diverse and for all kinds of people who are a shoe lover and don’t care what they say and wear shoes even to sleep.

a bit of a local touch given by a white and light blue palette and the badge-like logo look which reminds us of some of Argentina´s provinces shields. Icons represent some of our countries most outstanding symbols, and stripes, typical scrubber motifs. Textures transport us to a local “almacén de barrio argentino” (warehouse deli store).

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