Two Piece Mafia
Good times and tan lines.
24.01.2018 — Miami, USA

The Scope

The Client

Two Piece Mafia, 24.01.2018
Miami, USA

Two piece mafia is a swimwear is brand born in Miami passionate about everything that happens at summer time and made to enhance your natural beauty while making you remember you are a naturally made badass capable of managing it all.

Our goal was to create a brand that’s both trendy and hilarious, capturing the essence of not just lounging by the pool and soaking up the heat, but also embracing the joys of part-time work, freedom, and getting your sweat on. So, we came up with a funky logo featuring vibrant, cheerful icons that perfectly embody the brand’s playful vibe.

Two piece mafia swimwear believes you are worth it and also believe you are super beautiful. It was one of the first ever fashion shows to be ever made during Miami swim week with plus size models and pregnant models. The brand is also known for being made in Miami and having the best quality.

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