Biorepublic Skin Care
Beauty made easy.
01.05.2022 — México and USA.

The Scope

The Client

Biorepublic Skin Care, 01.05.2022
México and USA.

Biorepublic is a skincare brand born some years ago as a small brand with a clean approach towards sustainability. They came to us with a specific need: they wanted to become a strong and consistent brand.


High-performance beauty, made easy.
The positioning describes how a brand is different from its competitors and how it sits in customer’s minds.
Even-though this concept will never appear explicitly, everything the brand does must have this feeling: a mix of performance and affordability.


Smart skincare, for everyday life.
The promise is the value or experience a company’s customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with that company or brand.
It could be use as a tagline next to the brand name, as a slogan by itself, or as a master brand campaign.
It is timeless, product-less and works in all possible ways.


A skincare brand that perfectly fits your day to day schedule. All access beauty products with organic ingredients based on the genius of nature, delivering great results with low impact on our planet and our pockets.

Regarding the visual style, we opted for a closed system in which we practically always use the same type in a strong memorable color as electric blue is. This helped to make the system recognizable and memorable. Simple packs mix with creative advertising and a witty tone of voice resulting in a particular personality: Biorepublic shows itself straight to the point but with a twist. You can scroll down to understand the whole process.

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