Tierra del Fuego
A southern and unique Argentinean restaurant proposal.
01.07.2021 — Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Scope

The Client

Tierra del Fuego, 01.07.2021
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tierra del Fuego is an Argentinean Restaurant created by Agustín Brañas a recognized chef that believes in the value of ingredients prioritizing the use of natural, organic and locally sourced food.

Our team conducted thorough research on the region, studying its diverse flora and fauna. We approached the project with a professional and thoughtful mindset, striving to create a distinct identity that truly reflects the genuine character of Tierra del Fuego. Also, we based-part of the identity on the client’s unique “pact with fire”, which helped us identify the brand’s DNA.

The alchemists invented four triangular shapes that represent the 4 elements. Although the name covers two of these symbols, we are inclined towards one, the earth, since everything we eat comes from its existence. Likewise, the chemical language of transformation brings together the concept of the brand as a transversal characteristic.

Our aim was to capture the true essence of the wild and primitive southern regions. To achieve this, we conducted extensive research on the area’s flora, fauna, and chemistry. Our approach was professional and thoughtful, with a focus on creating a unique identity that truly embodies the spirit of Patagonia, its chef, and the type of food.

The result of the process is a  modern yet rustic identity, full of details that convey a lot of personality. It gives the feeling of the passage of time and the marks left by fire, allowing it to blend in with nature.

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